Where has the time gone??

February 19th, 2013

I realize as I write this that it has been almost 3 years since I have actually posted a rant…er I mean “meticulously crafted response to an issue” 😉 It’s not like I haven’t had plenty of issues to delve into, however, I have chosen to internalize my thoughts as of late.  I am going to begin to try to post at least once a month, I believe I owe that at very least to my reader :p or at least to the countless spambots that call my blog home :p Well, if you read these and feel the need to retort, please do so and I will actively engage you (this I promise)…..

Out at the plate: Pirates dump outspoken pierogi

June 19th, 2010

In lieu of ‘looking the other way’ or taking the ‘higher road’ this hapless excuse for a major league franchise finds itself firing a faceless staffer for STATEMENTS OF PUBLIC FACT…it is one thing to subtract an important employee for spreading falsehoods about your business, it is quite another to remove ‘the equivalent of a masked grocery bagger’ for stating the obvious view (one in which is completely uncontested outside of the inner evil circle that makes up this mortifying upper management clan). It is not just that the Pirates have been a complete embarrassment to this city for the better half of two decades, all won-loss records aside, it is this despicable ‘big brother’ routine which casts light on previous urban myths that the bucs are using paid staffers to shed a positive light on blogs, message boards, et al-This adds more validity to what should be a ridiculous argument. Front page news!!!

While attorney general Corbett has not yet launched an investigation into this absolute willful abuse of public funding, somebody surely should. Veon received 6-14 years in prison for his ‘questionable use of public funds & personnel’ – his number was NOWHERE NEAR the estimated $228M that McClatchy/Nutting embezzled from this city. I, personally, have seen enough! As a diehard fan, it pains me to say this, however, I want ARAD to EVICT this team! Enough is Enough – the despicable nature in which this business operates in EVERY FACET is beyond deplorable & really should warrant criminal charges. While the firing of the robot (manager) & Opie (NH) will deceitfully placate the masses, I will personally host a party to celebrate the Nothings (Nuttings) placing this once proud franchise for sale & leaving town permanently (I don’t even want you people involved with 7 Springs anymore; shame on the Duprees for selling to you) – LEAVE PENNSYLVANIA NOW & don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! (While a wallet may protect most male species, you being the cheap slimy bastard that many know you as, your wallet will not protect you) :p

From the Realm of WTF??: Drunk man tried to ‘revive’ opossum-Police: Man tried to revive dead possum; alcohol involved

April 19th, 2010

[Police said a man will be charged with public drunkenness after a witnesses saw him attempting mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a road-killed opossum.

State police said they charged Donald Wolfe, 55, of Brookville, Jefferson County, after they arrived at the scene on Route 36 in Oliver Township around 3 p.m. Thursday.

Trooper Jamie Levier said several witnesses saw Mr. Wolfe near the animal. The trooper said one person saw Mr. Wolfe kneeling before the animal and gesturing as though he were conducting a seance, while another saw the mouth-to-mouth attempt.

Trooper Levier said Wolfe was “extremely intoxicated” and “did have his mouth in the area of the animal’s mouth, I guess.”]


First & foremost, WHO THE FARK CARES!!!??? (seems like plenty of you do since it was the first & fifth most e-mailed story from the PG) Secondly, Trooper Jamie Levier should be immediately FIRED for poor judgement-We are going to waste our tax dollars & court time on this clown who simply drank too much & made a real ass of himself in public? Would Trooper Levier have also charged him if he was not intoxicated & simply crazy??? Or maybe he is a big-time animal lover who really was attempting to save the life of this poor little creature-I would have loved to see the result if he had successfully revived the little fella-I could be mistaken, but, I’m thinking that a possum is not the type of critter you would necessarily want that close to your face fresh off of a near death experience. In all seriousness, returning to my initial rant, that Trooper should be relieved from his/her duties plain & simple.

  1. This story should have never been reported to the news.
  2. I should not have had an opportunity to rant about this.
  3. The Trooper should have merely picked this fella up & given him a ride home-plain & simple-no tickets/no warnings/nothing

This is what is wrong with our current society-Where is the humanity? Donald Wolfe, if you are out there, I want you to know that at least 1 person is in your corner! Let’s say that you, the reader of my tripe, also lacks ‘humanity’-than, you should at least see this from the wasteful dollars & cents end of it. It cost taxpayer money to:

  1. Write out the ticket
  2. Speak to the media/leak this story
  3. Have a court date
  4. Collect this fine

Further, let’s just say that Mr. Wolfe’s employer ‘lets him go’ because of the embarrassment, than some money hungry attorney out there decides to take this thing on & sues the state & Jefferson County for malice, further tying up the court system & probably resulting in a settlement from the state of x # of dollars. This may sound improbable, however, it happens every day.

My overall point is that this whole ordeal was handled very poorly & while I still look to the men & women in uniform as the last true remaining heroes of our society, this particular instance, was handled akin to a locker-room hazing incident.

Big thumbs down to Trooper Jamie Levier & to the other Trooper Jamie Leviers out there making a name for themselves off of anothers poor judgement 🙁 Humanity takes another hit on the chin. If this guy wasn’t driving, he should have been merely taken home-there is no law (YET) on the books for ‘weird behaviour’ & wasn’t his punishment already served? I would think french kissing road kill is pure punishment enough.

Rooney: Steelers prepared to discipline Roethlisberger

April 17th, 2010

TWICE in 8 months??!! if this had been ‘joe schmoe from cocomo’, he would currently be serving about 20 years in a federal penitentiary. Date Rape is just that, purposely intoxicating someone in order to take advantage of that person. Vick served 2 years in prison for simply fighting some dogs (even though that was very loathsome behaviour, it didn’t even involved human beings). Ben Rapistburgher© has become the ‘Teflon Dong©’ of the sports community-shame on him & shame on any of you for still supporting this sexual predator-I can tell you this, one of these days, TD is going to rape the wrong daughter of a father who might be a little off centered himself & we all know how those stories end. “Growing Up” is not enough, 28 is plenty grown-up by society standards-the only thing that saved him this time was that the girl was afraid to prosecute-If the Steelers truly cared about their image, they would simply release Rapistburgher© – that would go a long way towards repairing their image. I have a feeling this isn’t going to be the last thing you hear about Ben Rapistburgher© & his questionable sexual practices. For shame 🙁

Eat’n Park restaurants to go smoke-free

November 8th, 2007

Three cheers for Eat’n Park!!! They are the first major restaurant chain in the Pittsburgh metro to declare war on the uncaring, self-centered, hypocritical narcissists and their pollutive BEHAVIOR! Yea, thats right, smokers, I mean YOU (pl. yinze) and before you come whining in here with your “what about smokers’ rights BS”, I am here to tell you that you HAVE NO RIGHTS!! It amazes me how people will pull together for the oddest things. Smokers feel like they are being attacked and it’s about time. You are NOT a minority. It’s not like you were born a smoker, you made a choice to become a ‘smoker’ and now, the great era of non-smokers rights is upon us and we will cast you carcinogens into the River Styx where you belong. You may be surprised to know that every smoker is granted a free pass into the fiery pit when they finally succumbed to whatever form of cancer they are afflicted with. The reason for this is quite simple, smokers violate several of the ‘deadly sins’ as well as a couple of ‘commandments’.

GOP renews push for limits on money awards by juries

November 8th, 2007

Could someone please tell me why rightieublicans are CONSTANTLY trying to play both sides of the field? They want less government and more capitolistic greed, however, that does not include attorneys and the poor. If only attorneys issued public stock, only than would they be brought closer to the gluttony that these folks (rightieublicans) seem to share. Let’s analyze:

[House Republicans are renewing their effort to end what they see as excessive jury awards.

Led by state Rep. Mike Turzai, R-Bradford Woods, more than 40 members are behind the package, which includes bills to limit punitive damages, cap attorney fees and ensure that damages are assessed to defendants based on the extent of their responsibility, not their wealth.]

Could you imagine if the monsterous companies in the USA had maximum amounts set on lawsuits against them? Hmmm let me think..I think they would simply BUDGET a yearly amount of damage AND they would care less about the health and well being of the american people. Look at Fisher-Price/Mattel and the terrorist actions they have launched against our children. I remember a time where most ‘in the know’ attributed the staggering amount of autism and related disorders on vaccinations – now, it is becoming abundantly clear that the poisoned lead toys probably had more to do with this than any vaccination or it was part of an overall cumulative effect. It just makes me sick that it now is impossible to simply go to the store and buy a toy for my young one – now, I almost ALWAYS buy online and I NEVER buy american – if AMERICAN companies aren’t going to give a crapola about children – why should i give money or a crap about them?

join.htm & i.gif exploit/hijack/page injection threat – you heard it here first! – Check your website directory for this current threat a/o 6/18/07

June 19th, 2007

Every now and than I reserve a rant for a more serious issue that involves people from all over the country, not just Pittsburgh. Look out website designers from all walks of skill sets, this one could be a doozy. It is being orchestrated by the folks over at the self-proclaimed “#1 Internet Online Drugstore – Candian Pharmacy” – First and foremost, as if I really should need to instruct you, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE!!! They are using other people’s bandwith and servers to run their business ILLEGALLY!!! Attn: Webmasters, do me a favor and check your website directory for a file named “join.htm”, even if it is supposed to be there, check the .html code for it and make sure that it hasn’t been hijacked by these buffoons (you will notice some sort of ‘refresh tag’ in it to a .hk website if you have been victimized). If it has, save your logs and see if you can pinpoint at what time your server was compromised. These spammers are criminals and should be brought to justice for this recent illegal activity. It is one thing to spam like the vermon that they are, it is quite another when you use other’s money/resources/bandwith to facilitate that action. Welcome to our SL, Canadian Pharmacy and prepare for life behind bars!!

–brought to you by the same folks instrumental in bringing Robert Soloway to justice – the SearchCops!!!

Whois Record

Contract Version: HKDNR latest version

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or other relevant documents): MR SAM PATTERSON
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Email: Whois Privacy and Spam Prevention by DomainTools.com
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Country: US
Expiry Date: 29-05-2008
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Name of Registrar: HKDNR
Account Name: HK1898690T

Technical Contact:

First name: SAM
Last name: PATTERSON

Name Servers Information:


JOINT NEWS RELEASE: FDA and USDA Determine Swine Fed Adulterated Product

April 26th, 2007

Ok, while I usually will only write about Pittsburgh, PA related news and story events (especially if I feel particularly ‘ranty’ about a subject:) ), I am going to touch upon this topic. While the title appears not so informative – It may mean more to you if I define ‘Adulterated’ and how this could be a huge problem. In this case, ‘adulterated’ means animal feed that was possibly contaminated with ‘melamine and melamine-related compounds, including cyanuric acid’ and anybody who has a pet dog or cat that has been following stories about their pets suffering kidney failures and other major organ failures contributing to death probably now has a cursory understanding of what I am talking about. Those of you who don’t, melamine and cyanuric acid are both extremely poisonous to humans and livestock and your pet. Reason why this story is so bone-chilling, is this new revelation comes on the heels of the Easter season and as a Christian myself, it impacts what could have been a glorious meal that may have caused some to have their ‘last supper’. It appears that some of the same feed that entered the pet food supply chain has also been discovered in thousands upon thousands of human consumed swine across the country. Who knows how long this dangerous feed has been present in livestock feed and what will the human impact be, however, I for one am disposing of my leftover, frozen Easter Ham as I write this. This revelation baffles and angers me – this whole ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ method that seem to be in place of this administration with regards to government enforcement areas is preposterous! In this warning, no manufacturer is even mentioned and the mere generalizations are pitiful…here it is:

[USDA to Compensate for Depopulation

WASHINGTON, April 26, 2007 — The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today notified State authorities that swine fed adulterated product will not be approved to enter the food supply. Based on information currently available, FDA and USDA believe the likelihood of illness after eating pork from swine fed the adulterated product would be very low; however, the agencies believe it is prudent to take this measure.

FDA determined that a shipment of rice protein imported from China was contaminated with melamine and melamine-related compounds. The product was imported during the week of April 2, 2007 by Wilbur-Ellis, an importer and distributor of agricultural products. The rice protein was used in the production of pet food and a byproduct was used to produce animal feed.

The contaminants in question include melamine and melamine-related compounds, including cyanuric acid, the combination of which is a potential source of concern in relation to human and animal health. Scientific research indicates that melamine alone, at detected levels, is not a human health concern. However, no scientific data exist to ascertain the effects of combining melamine and melamine-related compounds. Therefore, a determination has not yet been made regarding the safety of the product.

Because the animal feed in question was adulterated, USDA cannot rule out the possibility that food produced from animals fed this product could also be adulterated. Therefore, USDA cannot place the mark of inspection on food produced from these animals.

USDA is offering to compensate producers who euthanize swine that were fed the adulterated product. USDA is authorized to use Section 32 funds to restore farmers’ purchasing power. USDA is also offering the expertise and assistance of Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) personnel in carrying out depopulation activities, to ensure animals are euthanized and disposed of in accordance with Federal and State laws.

FDA and FSIS are coordinating with State authorities in eight states where the adulterated feed is known to have been purchased. Eight pork producers in the states of California, Kansas, North Carolina, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Utah are known to have purchased the feed. These combined operations involve approximately 6,000 hogs. All of the animals are currently being held under state quarantines in CA, NC, NY and SC. In KS, OK and UT producers agreed to hold the animals until further notice. Authorities are also in contact with a feed mill in Missouri that might have received adulterated feed.

Pork and pork products derived from animals that were fed the adulterated product will also be destroyed. In CA and UT, pork from federally inspected plants is being held under FSIS direction. In SC, a state inspected plant is voluntarily holding swine that were fed the adulterated product. FSIS, FDA and state authorities are in the process of determining whether any meat from animals that were fed the adulterated product has entered commerce. If that has occurred, FSIS will work with states and industry to take the appropriate action.

FDA and FSIS are continuing the effort to trace the adulterated feed. If additional producers are identified who fed the adulterated product to animals, they will also be offered compensation by USDA for depopulation and disposal.]

To think that these governmental agencies have been weakened to the point of actually offering to pay manufacturers who have imported this poison for possibly placing serious health risks upon us has me almost speechless. If only the IRS was a puppet to the american taxpayer like the FDA and USDA are puppets to manufacturer/Drug Corporations/Agricultural Lobbyists, we would all feel pretty happy, but, as we know, it isn’t. You may simply write this off as a conspiratist on a rant, however, I can guarantee you that this story is going to continue to grow and you will see human casualties due to this poisoning. Difference is, unlike our pets, the effects of these agents could take long periods of time before manifesting into disease in the human population and many will simply not link the cause-effect relationship. I, for one, am furiously outraged and you should be as well! PAYING these jokers (bottom line motivated importers and agriculturalists) for simply DOING THE RIGHT THING IS APPALLING! I welcome your comments.

Police: Pittsburgh man mailed kitten head to ex-girlfriend

March 2nd, 2007

[PITTSBURGH – A man accused of mailing the severed head of a kitten to his ex-girlfriend was ordered to stand trial on stalking and animal-cruelty charges.]


[Benjamin Gregory, 30, of Pittsburgh, allegedly sent the gift-wrapped package in January because he was unhappy that the relationship had ended, police said. His ex-girlfriend is an attorney who volunteers at animal shelters.]

Buy a Playstation, dude, and get a hobby. My only hope is that the kitten was already dead before this sick pervo decapitated this kitty.

[The woman had filed for a protection-from-abuse order against Gregory. He was jailed, but she said he kept calling her until she asked jail officials to block his calls. When he was released in December, she said, he started calling again.

On Jan. 28, the woman received the kitten head along with a note that read, “I love u, your Ben,” she testified at a preliminary hearing Thursday.]

Wonder if this is one of those ‘eHarmony’ relationships that you see on TV 24/7? Guess this one didn’t make the final cut.

[Gregory’s attorney, Phil Melograne, contends the woman has been harassing Gregory, and suggested she orchestrated the kitten head incident herself.]

Atty Phil must definitely be a Rightieublican…these spin tactics would make Karl Rove jealous.

[A district judge rejected that argument and ordered Gregory back to jail to await trial. The judge reduced an animal cruelty charge to a lesser summary offense because medical evidence showed the kitten was dead before its head was cut off.]

Ah, yes, the kitty was thankfully already dead. Seriously though, isn’t this the kind of behavior exhibited by sociopaths early on?  This fella is destined for the Ted Dahmer School of serial killers. Euthanasia anyone?

400 poker machines seized in raids

March 2nd, 2007

Will the hypocrisy ever end??!!

[Dozens of businesses from Pittsburgh to the Mon Valley were raided this week by more than 100 law enforcement officers, who seized nearly 400 electronic poker machines from the proprietors, police said.

No arrests have been made in an investigation lead by the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office]

Maybe we should just rename the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office the Don Barden Security Force. I mean come on! Pittsburgh is about to get a huge casino smack dab in downtown Pittsburgh with probably 1000s of slot machines and rows of card tables, yet the DA is concerned with some video poker machines??!! What hypocrites!

[“I can confirm that earlier this week a significant operation was carried out under the direction of the District Attorney’s Office,” said Mike Manko, spokesman for District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr.

He declined to comment on the depth and breadth of the investigation. Mr. Manko, when asked whether a county grand jury was part of the investigation, said he is “not permitted to comment on the workings” of that body]

It was bad enough that the state facilitated gambling with the numbers games (daily lottery, lotto, pick 6, powerball, scratch-n-win, etc, etc) and had the nerve to say that these programs benefited senior citizens. Yeah, right! Many of the gambling addicted seniors in the region are who fuel the lottery programs and who will lose everything once an actual casino lands here. These folks cannot afford their prescription drugs because of the money they blow on the lottery – how is that a benefit??!

[The task force included officers from Pittsburgh, district attorney detectives, state police, state Liquor Control Enforcement officers and local police from various departments in towns where the businesses are operated, including the borough and township of Elizabeth. Borough Police Chief John Snelson said one of the raided operators was the social club of Elizabeth Borough Volunteer Fire Department.

Mr. Manko said the raids are aimed at curtailing organized criminal activity in the region]

I would like to see these folks utilize their resources a little better. How about educating youngsters on the dangers of gambling? How about setting up programs for seniors who suffer from this dire disease??  This just doesn’t make any sense! How much do you think this raid cost the taxpayers in this region? Was it worth it? I think not!