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Yahoo! Search Marketing’s Black Wednesday 4/26/06 – Click FRAUD!

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

It started off as many other days for me and my teammates. We had just completed a new client’s pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for Google AdWords, MSN AdCenter, and Yahoo! Search Engine Marketing (Formerly Overture when it wasn’t as buggy). This client wanted very conservative budgets set up on all three which we did. Little did we know what we were in store for. This morning we awoke, checked on the status of our PPC campaigns and witnessed first hand Yahoo!’s own version of the “shock and awe” campaign or better referred to as “Content Match”. Before you read any further, we advise EVERYONE who reads this and who advertises using Yahoo to DISABLE “Content Match” IMMEDIATELY! This automatically opted in add on to the Yahoo! Search Engine Marketing’s interface is absolutely FRAUGHT with FRAUD and Black Wednesday as many Yahooligans are referring to 4/26/06 quickly established how vulnerable their PPC program was to spammers and spyware all over the place. One of our campaigns which averaged around $30 in clicks over the past 60 months (5 years) wound up with over $1,200 on that single day! Yahoo! search support personnel were absolutely innundated with phone calls and e-mail complaints from simply asking them what had happened to actually threatening class action lawsuits and filing complaints with the CA BBB, the FTC, and the CA State Attorney General’s office.

Currently the NY State Attorney General’s office is investigating this matter. Ken Dreifach, chief of the Internet bureau in the New York State Attorney General’s office, said that entities such as Google and Yahoo can be held accountable for how their affiliates use their content. We recommend filing a complaint with these folks first ( I was lead to believe that I was one of the first complaintants to file with the NY attorney general regarding Black Wednesday and I would appreciate others sharing their concerns through comments to this blog (especially any sort of strange activity on their accounts on 4/26/06). I am going to attempt to solicit an attorney to help us launch a class action lawsuit against Yahoo! for these spywares abuses that Yahoo! seems to be ok looking the other way on. Please tell me your story and if you would like to read more on Ben Edelman’s investigation into this newest form of click fraud, please feel free to go to:

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

Specter: CIA Leak Roles Must Be Explained

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

It amazes me why more of my fellow Americans aren’t absolutely floored and flabbergasted by this travesty!

What is going on here?!!

The republicans absolutely blasted Clinton during the whole sex scandal due more to questions about morality rather than it’s actual implications on the white house. Because the republican party which once included names like Abraham Lincoln to it’s roster have become a veritable “Evangelical Sideshow” and live by the spin. Hell, what am I talking about, the whole political process is no longer led by things like honesty and character; it is ruled by who has a better campaign manager and more importantly who has the better lobby. I am not talking hotels here, people, I am talking about “special interest groups” who have taken over the political process.

If this were not the president (Bush) and vice president (Cheney) we were talking about regarding the “outing” of CIA officer Valerie Plame; this would be a case of treason and would end up in someone or several someones facing the firing squad (death penalty). As it is, it is FAR more serious and haneous. If this action is true, Bush and Cheney should be immediately removed from office and placed in a military prison.
How many more freedoms that America has fought to keep over our 200 year history are we willing to surrender?! This president has pretty much thrown away the american people’s rights and freedoms under the veil of fear. Bush has already admitted to spying on Americans and now it appears he may have outed a federal agent working for the CIA because of statements that her husband made. Over politics, Mrs. Plame could have very easily lost her life – What the Fart is going on here?! And while Americans continue to pay $3/gallon for gas (incidentally, it was under a $1/gallon during Clinton’s affairs), and american heroes continue to die over in Iraq (for the Oil industry), all the while our very own “al-queda” groups (US militias-remember the folks that blew up the FBI building in Oklahoma?) continue to grow unchecked. Funny how we went to war over religious extremism in the Middle East (oh wait, it was because Saddam Hussein was a “bad guy”), but the same religious extreme people are taking over the democratic process in America. Extremism is not good whether or not the group practicing it, thinks it is good or not! Do you think really think that Al-Queda thinks they are doing a bad thing? Newsflash, everytime we as Americans are no longer able to make our own choices about what we watch, what we listen to, and what we say-our enemies win. Al Queda is alive and well in the USA only they seem to have infiltrated the Republican party as a whole. Let’s look at the past couple of weeks:

1. Bush knowingly almost allowed Arabs to purchase several of our incoming sea ports known as the “Dubai Ports Scandal”

2. While hunting illegally, Cheney shoots and almost kills his hunting partner, than tried to cover it up.

3. Bush and Cheney appear to have been seriously involved in this CIA leak regarding Valerie Plame.

I’ll tell you what, I’ll take an adulterous president over the above any day of the week – and this may blow your mind, but, I am actually a conservative and registered member of the Republican party. Only difference is, I have an IQ over 100. I voted for Ridge when he was governor of PA, I voted for Specter (and will vote for him every time he runs because he is actually a person with character), and I voted for Bush the first time he ran (I did not make the same mistake twice). Unlike most of you morons out there, I have NEVER simply pushed the “republican ticket” lever or the “democrat ticket” lever – I think anybody that hits that lever should automatically have their votes pulled from the final tally! In fact, they should mix up the candidates on the board so that people actually have to find the names of the candidates that they want to vote for and not even include their political affiliation – pure and simple, if you are too much of an idiot to know background about the candidates, than you are too much of an idiot to be allowed to vote!

The Lifetime Channel is like watching Porn without the sex or nudity :p

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Yep, you heard it here first. Any guy out there knows this channel very well because their significant other/girlfriend/mistress is addicted to this station.  These “lifetime movies” feature possibly the worst acting outside of the pornography industry. To this day, I still cannot figure out why it has such a hold on the female population. Oddly enough, this “hold” is a multi-generational one. I have personally witnessed a room in which a teenage daughter, a mom, and a grandmother were glued to the tv and guess what channel was on? None other than the “Lifetime Channel”. I know that many of the female persuasion will simply say that it is similar to the “sports channel” hold on the men of this world, but, at least sports are real and not pre-scripted to be awful (as a baseball fan in Pittsburgh, it is all too real how “awful” sports can be :p).

I guess i’m jealous, because I just don’t get it 🙂

No asterisk for Bonds, please

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

I would just like to point the following out to this football crazy town that 4 of the Steelers 5 superbowl championships would have been tainted by steroids and the asterisk would be a far more bitter pill to swallow. Further, until Mr. Bonds either admits steroid use or tests positive, I cannot see how ANY action would be warranted. It truly amazes me how people are quick to denote Barry’s body changes as proof positive that he has used steroids – using a similar barometer in the NFL would probably shock the fans of that sport to death. Even in today’s performance enhancer-free NFL (LOL), if people would look at pictures of these players in high school and compare them to their rookie year pro pictures; it would be CLEARLY evident to the Bonds judges that NFL players are still abusing performance enhancers, but because the American people have a love affair with this violent drug abusing sport, they are willing to look the other way. I wonder what guys like Steve Courson or Jon Kolb or Mike Webster would have to say about Barry. How about guys like Lawrence Taylor – does he have an asterisk by any of his accomplishments? This fella admitted to using crack cocaine before some games which probably helped to “performance enhance” his trademark aggressive style.


I was personally appalled by members of congress outwardly gushing over the NFL drug policies and in the same breath lambasting the sport I love. What hypocrits! I guess steroids are allowed everywhere except in major sports; the entertainment industry must be immune to such things. Look at the WWE (fka WWF) – you will probably be hard pressed to find someone who has not used performance enhancers at one time or another. How about Hollywood? Stallone was often rumored to have used steroids and Schwarzenneger admitted to using them (of course that only led him to becoming governor of California and making millions of dollars and  merchandising of his “Terminator” dolls – do you really think that some baseball player is looked up to even 1/10th of a Hollywood star? Many people in body builder circles say that NFL players are on the cutting edge of undetectable performance enhancers – which doesn’t surprise me in the least considering Alzado’s claims of using veternarian grade horse hormones.


The political grandstanding was simply sickening and while I definitely feel bad for the parents of that ONE kid that lost his life due to steroids, I wonder what the 10’s to 100’s of thousands of parents who have lost their children to alcohol related deaths would have to say about that? How about their children being addicted to heroin/cocaine/etc or how about the millions of children who will die due to tobacco smoke and it’s ill effects? Oh, but the tobacco and alcohol pushers are allowed to keep pushing their wares as long as they improve some roads or help some get health care. It amazes me the smoke and mirrors routine that politicians practice today…..the only reason why congress got involved was because it was newsworthy – that’s it and it is criminal.


I know I went a bit off center in my rant, but, I truly do not care if Bonds used steroids or not – I enjoy watching his mammoth homeruns just as I enjoyed watching the Terminator movies even though I knew Schwarzenneger was using “performance enhancers”.

Bonds on Bonds

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Well, just finished watching the show “Bonds on Bonds” on ESPN. Since he began his career as a Pittsburgh Pirate, I feel I can chime in on this. My opinion may be surprising to you. I may be the only person in America who thinks this way, but, I am NOT CONVINCED that Mr. Bonds used any steroids. Barry Bonds is alot of things, but, until I see a POSITIVE DRUG test; I am going to treat him as I would expect most AMERICANS to – INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. It still amazes me to see these people out there thinking that steroids are some sort of magic pill. You think Barry is in good physical shape…you think he is very muscular? He is no more muscular than the 50th man on any NFL roster…oh, but we couldn’t possibly think that the near and dear football sport could be doing something like cheating. How can we as Steeler fans actually get on Bonds, when to a player, the Steelers who won 4 superbowl rings admitted to using steroids….has that tainted your view of those superbowls? I don’t think so. Football is riddled with performance enhancers (may not always be steroids, but performance enhancers just the same) – yet Football is the king of sports in america. Go figure. As far as I know, Rafael Palmiero is the ONLY big name MLB player to test positive for it – anybody remember how many top NFL players tested positive the year they began testing for steroids? There were quite a few more than 1.

1. Bonds hasn’t tested positive for steroids.

2. If he did use at one time before testing was instituted and it wasn’t against MLB rules, you cannot penalize him for it.

3. This guy’s diet and exercise regime resembles that of many NFL players. Funny how nobody wonders how Kimo Von Olhoffen grew so much muscle from his high school days to his college days.

Perez fine for starters, but Pirates falter late

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Ok, who is going to be the first one to say, “Here we go again :(”

Hold on a second, this is the very first game of the year and a season that goes on for 161 more. While I will not certainly welcome a loss, I was only disappointed in two things yesterday:

1. The bullpen

2. The heart of the order

I was very happy with Ollie’s return 🙂 and Bay had a very good day, although I think Tracy should move Burnitz in front of Bay…give Burnitz a steady flow of fastballs and the homers will keep coming 🙂

I think Oliver Perez is a pitcher of the WRONG era…if he were a pitcher from the 1950s, a time when starting pitchers would throw a fit for being taken out before the end of a game, he would probably be the greatest pitcher of the game right now….anybody else notice that the more ollie pitches, the better he gets? it seems like the first 4 innings for him is like a warmup and if they would just let him pitch he would become great once again….one of the bigger bonehead moves Littlefield has made in his tenure with the bucs (one of many in my view) is that so-called “miscommunication” between Littlefield and Perez during the 2004 offseason where Perez “misunderstood” Littlefield and did not pitch at all during the 2004 offseason instead of his usual routine of throwing in the mexican league – JUST LET HIM THROW, DAVE!

While i’m not real concerned over 1 game, the bucs cannot afford the ever be much more than 5 games off of the pace, because this team lacks the tools to run off huge winning streaks.

I am a Pirate fan through and through, but I am not a fan of Kevin McClatchy or David Littlefield…KM is definitely going to sell this franchise after this year and GOOD RIDDANCE to him…this penny ante little league payroll that he seems obsessed with will never bring a championship calibre team to Pittsburgh…and if DL really did not want to trade Aramis Ramirez to the cubs for nothing, than he should have resigned right there….unless DL improves this team dramatically, that trade will haunt him personally throughout the rest of his career.

I just hope this game isnt an omen of things to come, or it’s going to be a very difficult year to be a Pirate fan.

Election-year budget fight expected to be fierce

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Looks like the Gov is going to face an uphill battle from the righties. Here is the dickering points in a nutshell. The righties (lead by House Majority Leader Sam Smith, of Punxsutawney, and Republican Appropriations Chairman Brett Feese, of Lycoming County) would rather keep the states current $24.5 billion dollar budget from last year, Rendell wants to increase that number to $25.4 Billion dollars to cover the following:

$552 million in additional welfare spending, including more medical aid for low-income persons and health insurance for children whose parents can’t afford it.  (how dare the gov, actually trying to help the poor and infirmed – what is he thinking :P)
$224 million increase in the basic education spending for public schools.  (once again, what is Rendell thinking? 😛 education…the righties think education is dangerous)
A $50 million increase for pre-kindergarten and all-day kindergarten programs (helping single moms attain better careers by starting schooling earlier? starting children in schools earlier? those are horrible ideas :P)
$48 million increase for state prisons (this i do not agree with at all….if anything they should lower the budget $50M – i have the solution to the penal system – McDonalds and Playstations…give every prisoner a Playstation and have an all you can eat McDonalds at every prison and take out all of the weight sets and gyms, etc….fat and lazy prisoners dont riot, fat and lazy prisoners dont rape, and they would probably be less likely to return to prison + McDonalds could feed inmates at far less cost per diem than any state or federally run program)
$38 million increase for special education programs (Gov, are you nuts, helping educate the people who really need extra assistance? Next thing, you’ll be suggesting smaller classrooms :P)
$20 million “Classrooms for the Futures” plan, putting laptop computers on all high school desks (this idea i dont like unless it means these kids will also be able to take these laptops home….this move would level the playing field a little bit tween the burb kids and the burgh kids:) )
$10 million for a new program to teach science education in elementary schools. (the righties will oppose this measure full force, see righties think the earth is flat and only 6K years old LOLOL)
A mass transit funding increase of 2 percent. (this i do not agree with at all unless it means expanding the T system….PAT drivers are overpaid and are the most surly customer service people you will ever find – most drivers must have been former AT&T employees or something 😛  – seriously PAT is the only jobs i know where you actually are promoted to your highest level of surliness 😛 – if they ever expand the T out to Oakland, those slum lords will be running for the hills )
His plan to redirect $35 million of the state’s tobacco settlement money to pay debt service on a $500 million program for biomedical research facilities. (we should not be sattled with a $500M program for these biomed facilities in the first place; let them PAY THEIR OWN RESEARCH! companies like UPMC do not pay taxes on any of their real estate holdings – is that fair? NO! they do not need any more help, let them pay for it themselves! )
Believe it or not, the righties are actually ok with raising the budget $730M to cover an inflation rate of around 3%, so actually, the righties and Rendell are only about $170M apart …woohoo! let me check my math on this one:

25,400,000,000.00 – 24,500,000,000.00 = 900,000,000.00

900,000,000.00 – 730,000,000.00 = 170,000,000.00


geeze, thats alot of zeroes….funny how huge that looks as opposed to saying $25.4B….only $170M separates the two 🙂

so both sides will dicker and dicker until the dickering costs the taxpayers about 200,000,000.00 – so much for the difference, because if there is one thing that righties and the right agree on is that dickering gives them a reason to up their paychecks every quarter or so 😛

Christian evangelists causing stir here – International group trying to convert Jews will convene in Pittsburgh next month

Friday, March 31st, 2006


that is almost all I have to say about this topic. Why again would a jew want to convert to rightwinginsanity again? 😛 Seriously folks, when these hypocrits aren’t trying to censor everything we read, listen to, and watch….they are EXPANDING gun freedoms….LOL

Swann backs casino company’s arena plan

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Well, Lynn Swann has finally cast the last stone in his hopes of becoming the next governor of Pennsylvania as far as i’m concerned. Today, the ex-steeler came out in full support of a plan by Isle of Capri to build a $290M arena as a “win win win situation”…he went on to say:

“It’s a win for the Penguins because they get first rate facility. It’s a win for the Hill District, where we’re talking about redevelopment, and it’s a win for the taxpayers because it doesn’t cost the taxpayers a cent,” Swann said.

My response to Mr. Swann is a big old LOLOL!

Is it really a win for the Penguins – a dying franchise in a dying sport? In 15 years, hockey will be about as popular as soccer in america and Pittsburgh will have a 15 year old empty world class arena to show for it. Well at least the good folks over at  Isle of Capri will have a place to put more slot machines.

I can barely read the next “win” without losing control of my bladder – a win for the Hill District LOLOLOLOL

Mr. Swann, if you really think that a casino on the outskirts of a poverty stricken neighborhood is going to be good, than you are far less intelligent than i had ever given you credit for.  All you have to do is take a peek to the east to see what great things casinos and the likes bring to a city: good old Atlantic City, NJ. A place where as long as you don’t leave the boardwalk itself; you may come back home alive-although i’ve heard of muggings even happening in front of some of the casinos recently. I am sure that this casino is going to cure all that ails the Hill District LOL…maybe while there at it, they could put a few more bars, liquor stores, gun stores, and pawn shops – I am sure that will greatly increase the real estate values in that neighborhood 😛 But, wait, I am sure Pittsburgh will handle this alot better than AC, right? WRONG!

Ok, drum roll please, we are ready for the final “win” – the one that is simply loaded with half-truths:  “it’s a win for the taxpayers because it doesn’t cost the taxpayers a cent,”

tell him what he wins, gene! 😛

(all sarcasm, all the time) WOW, this sounds fantastic!  A new arena with no strings attached! What great people this Isle of Capri must be!
Hold on a minute, is it possible we may not be thinking this thing through completely? (end of sarcasm for now)

Maybe instead of flipping the bill for a new arena, maybe (I know this sounds crazy), but maybe they could use that money to improve the city’s infrastructure :p Say it with me again, folks, “IMPROVE the City’s Infrastructure”!

How about expanding the LRT system to the East/West/North?

How about improving our horrible roads?

How about actually lowering property taxes?

How about lower business taxes?

How about improving our schools?

or here’s an idea=

HOW ABOUT PAYING FOR THE EXTRA POLICE, EXTRA FIRE, EXTRA AMBULANCES, EXTRA SOCIAL PROGRAMS (Gamblers Annonymous and the wealth of other problems that arise from communities with casinos), and the likes that will be NECESSARY for Pittsburgh to simply continue at status quo!

But, let’s face facts, rational opinions be dammed!

(enters into his nostradamus phase)

(rubbing his crystal ball)

I see a newspaper, its dated 2025 and the newspaper is the Pittsburgh Numbers Weekly (which has replaced the post-gazette; k, some of my predictions may be a lil far fetched) 😉

ok, now i see the arena….oddly, it is a hockey night, yet nobody is there – wait a minute, thats not even the penguins out there, it’s some sort of high school practice squad – oh right, i almost forgot that hockey has been locked out since 2020 because the owners could no longer pay players…now i see the hill district in all of it’s grandness…hmmm…yes i see it now, there are at least 20 new businesses in the Hill – they are ALL PAWN SHOPS! I guess all the wonderful $7/HR jobs weren’t very enticing to the people of this community 😛 as usual, the casino imported people in from Ohio and WV…A further look at the city shows lots of construction cones and even more potholes – guess the casinos didnt help much there….but at least the city saved all of those TAXES, right? What? Pittsburgh has gone bankrupt :O – oh geeze and now that the Bankruptcy laws are soo much tougher, the city will be forced to rename the public schools after MBNA and CHASE, etc…Well i guess at least property taxes have gone down right? NOPE – looks like we were just voted the least livable city in america overtaking Michael Moore (renamed), MI by only two votes 😛
Seriously though, why is it that Pittsburgh constantly seems to enjoy playing the role as the abused girlfriend? Maybe this city should strap on some cujones and actually try to build this city back to respectability….how do you do this?



3. IMPROVED INFRASTRUCTURE (roads, bridges, etc)

It amazes me that this city’s fathers cannot simply look at what Washington County and Cranberry have been doing and simply try to emulate them even slightly

Well enough of this rant, we all know that this city will keep making the same mistakes over and over again and there is nothing that can be done about it – that is the american way 🙂

Child’s death investigated in New Brighton

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

I watched this story unfold last evening on the news and I must say, if this James Davis fella murdered that boy than god help him and deliver him first class to Satan himself! People who kill other people are bad enough, people who kill children…even I cannot put into words the anger that makes me feel. If Mr. Davis killed that boy, he should be placed in a prison of “BUBBAS” and be sodomized 24/7. I want pictures of it – where are those paparazzi when you truly need them. Seriously though, if this fella did it and is convicted, he should be delievered immediately to the electric chair – no appeals – no nothing…..just a one way ticket to hell.

I always find it odd how well our glorious american system can clean the rest of the world of “bad guys”, yet people in our own backyard seem to be immune from such a thing.