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Christian evangelists causing stir here – International group trying to convert Jews will convene in Pittsburgh next month

Friday, March 31st, 2006


that is almost all I have to say about this topic. Why again would a jew want to convert to rightwinginsanity again? πŸ˜› Seriously folks, when these hypocrits aren’t trying to censor everything we read, listen to, and watch….they are EXPANDING gun freedoms….LOL

Swann backs casino company’s arena plan

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Well, Lynn Swann has finally cast the last stone in his hopes of becoming the next governor of Pennsylvania as far as i’m concerned. Today, the ex-steeler came out in full support of a plan by Isle of Capri to build a $290M arena as a “win win win situation”…he went on to say:

“It’s a win for the Penguins because they get first rate facility. It’s a win for the Hill District, where we’re talking about redevelopment, and it’s a win for the taxpayers because it doesn’t cost the taxpayers a cent,” Swann said.

My response to Mr. Swann is a big old LOLOL!

Is it really a win for the Penguins – a dying franchise in a dying sport? In 15 years, hockey will be about as popular as soccer in america and Pittsburgh will have a 15 year old empty world class arena to show for it. Well at least the good folks over atΒ  Isle of Capri will have a place to put more slot machines.

I can barely read the next “win” without losing control of my bladder – a win for the Hill District LOLOLOLOL

Mr. Swann, if you really think that a casino on the outskirts of a poverty stricken neighborhood is going to be good, than you are far less intelligent than i had ever given you credit for.Β  All you have to do is take a peek to the east to see what great things casinos and the likes bring to a city: good old Atlantic City, NJ. A place where as long as you don’t leave the boardwalk itself; you may come back home alive-although i’ve heard of muggings even happening in front of some of the casinos recently. I am sure that this casino is going to cure all that ails the Hill District LOL…maybe while there at it, they could put a few more bars, liquor stores, gun stores, and pawn shops – I am sure that will greatly increase the real estate values in that neighborhood πŸ˜› But, wait, I am sure Pittsburgh will handle this alot better than AC, right? WRONG!

Ok, drum roll please, we are ready for the final “win” – the one that is simply loaded with half-truths:Β  “it’s a win for the taxpayers because it doesn’t cost the taxpayers a cent,”

tell him what he wins, gene! πŸ˜›

(all sarcasm, all the time) WOW, this sounds fantastic!Β  A new arena with no strings attached! What great people this Isle of Capri must be!
Hold on a minute, is it possible we may not be thinking this thing through completely? (end of sarcasm for now)

Maybe instead of flipping the bill for a new arena, maybe (I know this sounds crazy), but maybe they could use that money to improve the city’s infrastructure :p Say it with me again, folks, “IMPROVE the City’s Infrastructure”!

How about expanding the LRT system to the East/West/North?

How about improving our horrible roads?

How about actually lowering property taxes?

How about lower business taxes?

How about improving our schools?

or here’s an idea=

HOW ABOUT PAYING FOR THE EXTRA POLICE, EXTRA FIRE, EXTRA AMBULANCES, EXTRA SOCIAL PROGRAMS (Gamblers Annonymous and the wealth of other problems that arise from communities with casinos), and the likes that will be NECESSARY for Pittsburgh to simply continue at status quo!

But, let’s face facts, rational opinions be dammed!

(enters into his nostradamus phase)

(rubbing his crystal ball)

I see a newspaper, its dated 2025 and the newspaper is the Pittsburgh Numbers Weekly (which has replaced the post-gazette; k, some of my predictions may be a lil far fetched) πŸ˜‰

ok, now i see the arena….oddly, it is a hockey night, yet nobody is there – wait a minute, thats not even the penguins out there, it’s some sort of high school practice squad – oh right, i almost forgot that hockey has been locked out since 2020 because the owners could no longer pay players…now i see the hill district in all of it’s grandness…hmmm…yes i see it now, there are at least 20 new businesses in the Hill – they are ALL PAWN SHOPS! I guess all the wonderful $7/HR jobs weren’t very enticing to the people of this community πŸ˜› as usual, the casino imported people in from Ohio and WV…A further look at the city shows lots of construction cones and even more potholes – guess the casinos didnt help much there….but at least the city saved all of those TAXES, right? What? Pittsburgh has gone bankrupt :O – oh geeze and now that the Bankruptcy laws are soo much tougher, the city will be forced to rename the public schools after MBNA and CHASE, etc…Well i guess at least property taxes have gone down right? NOPE – looks like we were just voted the least livable city in america overtaking Michael Moore (renamed), MI by only two votes πŸ˜›
Seriously though, why is it that Pittsburgh constantly seems to enjoy playing the role as the abused girlfriend? Maybe this city should strap on some cujones and actually try to build this city back to respectability….how do you do this?



3. IMPROVED INFRASTRUCTURE (roads, bridges, etc)

It amazes me that this city’s fathers cannot simply look at what Washington County and Cranberry have been doing and simply try to emulate them even slightly

Well enough of this rant, we all know that this city will keep making the same mistakes over and over again and there is nothing that can be done about it – that is the american way πŸ™‚

Child’s death investigated in New Brighton

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

I watched this story unfold last evening on the news and I must say, if this James Davis fella murdered that boy than god help him and deliver him first class to Satan himself! People who kill other people are bad enough, people who kill children…even I cannot put into words the anger that makes me feel. If Mr. Davis killed that boy, he should be placed in a prison of “BUBBAS” and be sodomized 24/7. I want pictures of it – where are those paparazzi when you truly need them. Seriously though, if this fella did it and is convicted, he should be delievered immediately to the electric chair – no appeals – no nothing…..just a one way ticket to hell.

I always find it odd how well our glorious american system can clean the rest of the world of “bad guys”, yet people in our own backyard seem to be immune from such a thing.

Drag racing charges make tragedy worse for families, friends

Monday, March 27th, 2006

Let this be a message to all of you agressive drivers out there; you are MORONS. Sometimes it only takes one time and some mistakes are unforgivable. It amazes me that no matter how many teenagers die due to stupid accidents, they all still seem to think they have an ere of invincibility. Amazing. The drivers in this particular incident were 20 and 21 respectively; that makes this event even more dumbfounding. This one mistake changed the lives of two families forever and this trial will certainly shake the lives of two more. Most moron teenagers do not realize that drag racing is a FELONY and participating in one not only places your life at risk, but the life of others as well. Not to mention, if you are caught you will have a FELONY record. Adults in the REAL WORLD know that once you have a FELONY on your record, the dreams of going to school and gaining real good paying employment is OVER. I must say, I truly admire the familes of the victims, they do not begrudge the drivers at all – these folks are much bigger people than I am. If my family was injured as the result of teenage MORON activity or drunk driving or whatever, the LEAST of the worries for the offender would be criminal prosecution πŸ˜‰

Attacks on Unpatched IE Flaw Escalate

Monday, March 27th, 2006

The one thing I think many people do not realize is that Mozilla is open source. The problem with open source programs is that everyone and their mother has access to the actual code. Why is this important to know? Simply because if Mozilla ever becomes as dominant as IE, you will see hacker exploits written for Mozilla. These IE exploits are about money, pure and simple. Hackers create these exploits to have the largest effect possible. As of the writing of this comment, IE rules the roost with about 88% of browser usage…if Mozilla hits 88% or even 50% some day, you will see plenty of exploits created for it specifically. Safety on the internet only exists as far as the bad guys want you to be safe. There are steps that you can take though:

1. Keep your windows os up to date as much as possible. I know alot of people out there have had problems with the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) Tool and their updates, but there is actually a simple workaround to ensure your machine stays safe. If you set the windows update to DL automatically, it will do so even if your machine does not validate. WARNING: Make sure you have it set to only DL though, don’t allow it to install as well. Reason being is that, I’m not sure about the rest of you out there, but I never upgraded to the SP2 due to known software conflict issues. If you allow your system to DL and automatically install during WU, you will have SP2 installed automatically.

2. Keep your anti-virus program updated. While we use NIS and NAV enterprise software, we only use it because it is the largest and is updated probably the quickest out there. It is NOT, I repeat, NOT the best program. The 2006 versions of NAV and NIS are memory hogs and will slow down your computer especially if your computer is already overloaded.

3. One of the biggest mistakes that we observe our clients doing out there is responding to “spoof”/”spam” mailings. Two of the biggest offenders are messages created to appear from PayPal and eBay. General rule of thumb is that 99% of the messages that you receive from PayPal or eBay are going to be “spoofs”. These e-mails will appear legitimate, yet they are trying to steal your personal information. We DO NOT recommend DL eBay or PayPal “spoof detection” toolbars, simply because these toolbars themselves can be compromised. In lieu of that we recommend simply to not respond to these types of messages and if you really aren’t sure if a message is legitimate, we suggest forwarding the message to either,,, One other thing, if you want to try your hand at actually scanning the message for legitimacy all you have to do is open the message and “right click” on the “body/text” part of the message and choose “view source”. This will open up a program called “notepad”.
If this is too much trouble for you to go through for you, we will scan each message individually for a very small nominal fee.

Remember, be safe, there are wolves amongst us πŸ™‚

Christian convert faces death penalty for rejecting Islam

Monday, March 27th, 2006

AN Afghan man who faces the death penalty for converting to Christianity will be given a “mental examination” before judges decide if he is guilty.The presiding judge said yesterday that the case against Abdur Rahman, 40, who abandoned Islam, had flaws and had been referred back to prosecutors, raising expectations that the case would collapse and the man would be released.

“Rahman will be sent for a medical examination . . . a decision will be made on the basis of the examination,” said the prosecutor.

Analysts say a ruling that he is unstable is expected to result in the case being dropped.

Rahman, who was detained this month for rejecting Islam and converting to Christianity, has denied he is mentally unstable.

Death is the punishment stipulated by sharia, or Islamic law, for apostasy – abandonment of the faith.>

Wow, I now can see that our work in Afghanistan really paid off πŸ˜›

Anybody remember that Afghanistan was where our war started?

Introduction to Me :)

Sunday, March 26th, 2006

I personally am not a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I know that this puts me in an extreme minority in Pittsburgh sports circles, but, thats just me. I read the Pittsburgh Post Gazette every day and am generally a fan of all things Pittsburgh. My favorite Pittsburgh hotel is the Omni William Penn because of its nostalgia and friendly service. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh back in 1992 and even though I am a born and bred Pittsburgher, I chose to live in Oakland in lieu of commuting for the “so called” college experience πŸ˜‰ Of the many ethnically diverse choices available to people looking for a good restaurant in Pittsburgh, I usually choose italian and until it closed Palio’s in Beechview was world class followed by Bucca di Beppo’s and finally for a quick fix, Fiori’s off of West Liberty Avenue. I am the biggest Pittsburgh Pirate fan in Pittsburgh, even with them being less than stellar for the past decade or so. I think that the Pittsburgh Tribune Review is an absolute farce. Newsflash, this is not a Pittsburgh paper, it is more a Monroeville or East suburb paper than anything. Just look at the classified section, all you see are listings in the Laurel Valley area. Not a Pittsburgh Paper, sorry Tribune :p

Pittsburgh, PA has it all. We have two major sports teams (Steelers and Pirates) oh, and than there is the Pittsburgh Penguins. Anybody that knows me is already aware of my feelings towards the Pens and hockey in general. It is a farce. Please tell me this, Penguin fans, why does hockey even go through a regular season when 90% of the teams make the playoffs, and than the playoffs last for like 3 months after the regular season (a bit of an exaggeration maybe). It is a dying sport and I will do everything in my power to ensure that they do not receive ANY public funding for this new arena. Further, I think it clearly demonstrates how ridiculous hockey is that they would actually allow the owner of a sports franchise throw their hat into the ring for a gambling license…Pete Rose anyone?

While Pittsburgh newspapers are generally dominated by the biggies, I do like the South Hills Record and The Almanac for the local rub on things. I hear that Pittsburgh Steeler tickets have already become the most sought after item for the 2006 season, even with them not even playing a game yet.

I am an avid collector of old photography of Pittsburgh scenes. My favorite Pittsburgh camera shop is the Camera Exchange. It has many old historical photos of the Pittsburgh area long before all of the expansion and industrialization. Can you imagine that at one time West Liberty Avenue was all farm land? lol…pretty weird.

k, now for the nuts and bolts and taboo topics about me:

1. I am pro-choice, but not as a method of birth control. I believe both extremes on this topic are dead wrong. Abortion needs to be available in situations where the mother’s life could be placed in jeopardy or in instances of rape or incest. It should not, however, be used as a tool to remove someone from responsibility after a night of partying. That is simply not right.

2. I believe president Bush is a moron. This does not mean that he is always an idiot, but, it just amazes me that someone can attain the highest position in America while not being the brightest bulb. I would love to see this fellas transcripts and I think anyone running for public office should have to disclose this information. While being a genius does not necessarily translate into being a great leader, I believe that person needs to at least be of “average intelligence”, which regretably the acorn fell VERY FAR from Bush Sr. What the heck happened there? By the way, the mere fact that a MAJORITY of you out there voted for this moron, also makes YOU IN THE MAJORITY, MORONS. Unfortunately, #1 seemed to have alot to do with why many of you voted for Bushie again and this makes many of you actually far more retarded than Bush himself. All Bush did was run for office again, he didn’t click the levers. Let me explain for those of you out there reading this growing angry Many of you religious right wingers voted for this idiot simply because of pro-choice. What hypocrits you are! This is the same fella that set records for sending more people to their deaths at the hands of the Texas Penal system. Wake up people! THAT IS A SIN and it is the same sin as abortion. THOU SHALL NOT KILL PERIOD….and for those of you out there attempting to rationalize this, don’t bother, because you have not the mental capacity to do such a thing :p

3. I believe in the death penalty. At least i’m not a hypocrit, i believe in abortion to πŸ™‚ If anything, the death penalty process should be sped up. I think it is terribly wrong that alot of these folks spend 10, 20 years on death row and during that time some actually become decent members of society-that is not right. This whole process should take a maximum of a month and should not be based on technicalities. For that matter, the whole American Justice system is completely out of whack. People who are sentenced to prison, should spend the time that they were sentenced in prison. If you are sentenced to 10 years, you should be there at least 10 years PERIOD. If you behave adequately, you should than be released after that 10 years, if you misbehave, they should add on time to your sentence.

4. Right Wing Religious Zealots ARE EVIL and you will all BURN IN HELL. Jesus was first and foremost about tolerance of other people and their views and the further you are away from his primary teachings, the deeper your soul burns.

5. Corporations are truly EVIL. They do not give a crappola about the average person. If you asked a CEO completely off the record (as if there is such a thing) (for this exercise it will be a toy manufacturer) if they were told that their toy posed an extreme health/deadly risk to children and were advised by their attorney’s that it would cost them less to settle lawsuits after the fact than to redo the toy, what choice do you think they would make? Even you right wingers may get this answer right :p

6. Republicans have sold their souls to the corporate world. This isn’t even a stretch to say – but, wait a moment, you are going to become completely confused by my next statement: Democrats have done the same thing :O – SHOCKING ISN’T IT? Seriously though, I think we should quit this charade of government officials pretending to care about the people, because it is a charade. We should simply make it official and issue stock on some of these bozos. Than at least we may have some inkling on who owns who. Imagine the NYSE reporting on this :); luckily the democrats could still be in the NASDAQ. (a poor pun :p)

7. Did i mention the biggest EVIL the media? And no, im not talking about regular network television; i am talking about FOX. I am clearly convinced that Rupert Murdoch is SATAN. Only the dark overlord himself could run FOX news, the right wings only news channel on one station, than an episode of the OC or (fill in the blank scandalous reality show) on another channel. The levels of hypocrisy this fella seems to represent has no bounds. The funniest thing about this is the 700 club actually purchases air time on FOX – LMAO; Come on people, see it for what it really is!

8. Bring the troops home! Enough already! It amazes me that people actually admire Bushie for being a moron. Oh yea, him “not changing his mind”, “staying the course”; yeah, that represents alot of intelligence. You know, I can trick my dog every time by pretending to throw a stick for him to fetch; just because his reaction is consistent, does not make him smart ;p. The war was a complete mistake and is going to be a disaster for many generations to come. Yes, Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, but guess what, the world is LOADED with bad guys. They say that Hussein may have been responsible for the deaths of 200K people, that is awful, but did you know that there is a fella in Africa that has been linked to the genocidal killing of over 20 MILLION? Poor Africa, if only they had oil.

9. Our nations economy has been a work of ficition for a good long time. If you think the dow jones climbing through the roof is an indication of the current economy, you are sadly mistaken. If you think a republican president and house has anything to do with the dow jones skyrocketing, you are once again WRONG…nope, my friends, its all about technology…see, daytraders are actually what is to blame for the over inflated stock prices that you see to date-the internet scores another run πŸ™‚

10. Pretty much the last thing that you need to know about what I think (like you even care) is that you are wrong and I am right about pretty much everything. I will allow anyone to respond to my posts, but be prepared to be verbally assassinated in front of millions (or maybe just you and I depending on the web traffic πŸ˜‰

Seriously though, I have strong opinions about pretty much everything; ask me and i’ll answer – you may not like my answer, but I will not delete your post simply because I don’t like what you say – that is censorship and I don’t believe in it.