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Convict says Washington DA ordered jail beating

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

This “tough-guy” who murdered Ira Swearingen in cold blood is whining about the guards being a little rough with him – who the fart cares about this loser low-life??!! I remember that murder and this COWARD took the easy way out with the DA to secure a life sentence as opposed to the death penalty – some tough guy, my only hopes is that either someone in Martos’ cell block or one of the guards finish the job or at least he has several conjugate visits with the “Bubba” on the block – that would be the only justice here! I spit on Martos’ and his family *two spits on their graves* him and Greg Modery and his family *two spits on their graves*. Seriously, if there exists a reason for genocide, it should be aimed at idiots like these clowns….we should round up every criminal whose IQ is lower than 40 and “remove” them pernamently…the problem in this country is not drugs or guns it is the inbred morons and their “kin” – did these morons really think that they could get away with this??! That’s the one thing these degenerates all have in common, they are morons, they have IQs less than 40 and maybe that should be a new factor in whether jokers like this are put to death…if you are a criminal degenerate who has a low IQ, you should be sentenced to death no matter the crime; that would be one way that america could finally start competing with other countries for intellectual dominance; although Bushie could be in trouble using this criteria :p

The Narrative War:Bush acknowledges Iraq-Vietnam similarities

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

What is simply flabbergasting to me is the dehumanization process that many americans easily place upon the iraqi and muslim people in general. With comments like, “the propensity of iraq people to kill each other” is quite simply laughable. Iraq is a “country”, not too much unlike our own – only difference is WE destabilized it. Another surprise for you, Americans are far far more violent than iraqis. Two things i would like to point out:

1. When you hear of death squads and the 70 people or so killed per day in Iraq – THAT IS IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY….Americans need to wake up and smell the coffee…there should be news reports about how many killings occur in the US (as a whole) every day. Or how many violent crimes occur in the USA EVERY DAY – now, that would be shocking and What is our excuse? Imagine if another regime overthrew our government – 70 killings would occur by the minute here (if it already isn’t – and yes i know 70 killings are not occuring per minute in our country, but 70 killings per day is DEFINITELY occcurring in our country)

2. As stated in #1, WE destabilized that country and WE are now dealing with the consequences….first it was “let’s get saddam because he may have been involved in 9/11 in some way” – THAT was not true – than it was “well saddam may have weapons of mass destruction” – THAT was not true – and finally it was “well saddam is a bad guy” – THAT WAS TRUE, but WHO CARES??? This world is FULL of bad guys and the US itself is FULL of bad guys – oh, you say, but saddam committed genocide of his own people during a CIVIL WAR – do you think saddam was the only one committing genocide? How about in Africa where it is estimated that near 10 MILLION people were exterminated and are still being actively exterminated daily – secondly, if the US today was thrown into a civil war, do you not think there would be massive casualties – do you not think that a weapon of mass destruction might be deployed??

I, personally, have grown tired of the conservatives and their “better than thou” antics, yet they are completely controlled by lobbyism – oh, yea, and did i mention, they seem to be routinely breaking the law and covering it up daily??! Btw, did i mention, I do not ADMIRE or RESPECT anyone that will never change their mind even if they may know that they are wrong! Also, I am tired of the wussy liberals and their antics! They are the same lobbying-lovin group as the GOP – but they are the better of the two evils at this point! Even though on paper, we appear to be the strongest bullies on the planet, we are actually the most scared. We are losing our RIGHTS (as a people) , yet we are allowing fear mongers to push the envelope almost daily!

Btw, I know hindsight may be 20-20, but wasn’t bushie made aware of the whole Korea issue BEFORE we went headstrong into Iraq??? Funny how while we were running amuck in Iraq trying to find “weapons of mass destruction” to lend credence to the war itself, the Koreans were actually BUILDING the ultimate weapon of mass destruction! WTG, Bushie!! Let’s see Rove SPIN this one, because that is all that most politicians are about anymore – SPIN

The United States of America is the greatest country on the Planet, it is about time we start ACTING like it!