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Police: Pittsburgh man mailed kitten head to ex-girlfriend

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

[PITTSBURGH – A man accused of mailing the severed head of a kitten to his ex-girlfriend was ordered to stand trial on stalking and animal-cruelty charges.]


[Benjamin Gregory, 30, of Pittsburgh, allegedly sent the gift-wrapped package in January because he was unhappy that the relationship had ended, police said. His ex-girlfriend is an attorney who volunteers at animal shelters.]

Buy a Playstation, dude, and get a hobby. My only hope is that the kitten was already dead before this sick pervo decapitated this kitty.

[The woman had filed for a protection-from-abuse order against Gregory. He was jailed, but she said he kept calling her until she asked jail officials to block his calls. When he was released in December, she said, he started calling again.

On Jan. 28, the woman received the kitten head along with a note that read, “I love u, your Ben,” she testified at a preliminary hearing Thursday.]

Wonder if this is one of those ‘eHarmony’ relationships that you see on TV 24/7? Guess this one didn’t make the final cut.

[Gregory’s attorney, Phil Melograne, contends the woman has been harassing Gregory, and suggested she orchestrated the kitten head incident herself.]

Atty Phil must definitely be a Rightieublican…these spin tactics would make Karl Rove jealous.

[A district judge rejected that argument and ordered Gregory back to jail to await trial. The judge reduced an animal cruelty charge to a lesser summary offense because medical evidence showed the kitten was dead before its head was cut off.]

Ah, yes, the kitty was thankfully already dead. Seriously though, isn’t this the kind of behavior exhibited by sociopaths early on?  This fella is destined for the Ted Dahmer School of serial killers. Euthanasia anyone?

400 poker machines seized in raids

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

Will the hypocrisy ever end??!!

[Dozens of businesses from Pittsburgh to the Mon Valley were raided this week by more than 100 law enforcement officers, who seized nearly 400 electronic poker machines from the proprietors, police said.

No arrests have been made in an investigation lead by the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office]

Maybe we should just rename the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office the Don Barden Security Force. I mean come on! Pittsburgh is about to get a huge casino smack dab in downtown Pittsburgh with probably 1000s of slot machines and rows of card tables, yet the DA is concerned with some video poker machines??!! What hypocrites!

[“I can confirm that earlier this week a significant operation was carried out under the direction of the District Attorney’s Office,” said Mike Manko, spokesman for District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr.

He declined to comment on the depth and breadth of the investigation. Mr. Manko, when asked whether a county grand jury was part of the investigation, said he is “not permitted to comment on the workings” of that body]

It was bad enough that the state facilitated gambling with the numbers games (daily lottery, lotto, pick 6, powerball, scratch-n-win, etc, etc) and had the nerve to say that these programs benefited senior citizens. Yeah, right! Many of the gambling addicted seniors in the region are who fuel the lottery programs and who will lose everything once an actual casino lands here. These folks cannot afford their prescription drugs because of the money they blow on the lottery – how is that a benefit??!

[The task force included officers from Pittsburgh, district attorney detectives, state police, state Liquor Control Enforcement officers and local police from various departments in towns where the businesses are operated, including the borough and township of Elizabeth. Borough Police Chief John Snelson said one of the raided operators was the social club of Elizabeth Borough Volunteer Fire Department.

Mr. Manko said the raids are aimed at curtailing organized criminal activity in the region]

I would like to see these folks utilize their resources a little better. How about educating youngsters on the dangers of gambling? How about setting up programs for seniors who suffer from this dire disease??  This just doesn’t make any sense! How much do you think this raid cost the taxpayers in this region? Was it worth it? I think not!

Steelers release Joey Porter – Probe touches Steelers doctor

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

In the “things that make you go hmmm” category – Anybody else think that there may be some connection as to why Joey Porter was cut and Dr. Hgh (aka Dr. Richard Rydze or “Dick Rides” as those who are intimately close with the good doctor knows him by :p)

Anyways, as a fervent baseball fan and one who is grossly sickened by the media/congress’/hypocritical football fans portrayal of baseball as the “evil roid empire”-it simply amazes me that a football fan would even have the gall to open their mouth when it comes to performance enhancing drugs and sports. Football has ALWAYS resided on the “cutting edge” of the world of performance enhancing drugs and more so the “avoidance” issue. Where do you think MLB players learned about steroids and human growth hormone? Who do you think trained baseball players on the methods of avoiding being caught? Ring..ring…and the answer is……FOOTBALL PLAYERS. That’s right….the same sport where a natural thing like a woman’s breast (Janet Jackson) caused absolute furor in football doting parents nationwide with exclamations of their (4 year old sons and daughters bearing witness to Janet’s naked boob – even though most 4 year olds are probably less removed from such a view as many adults that I know 😉 ). How dare Janet Jackson and Jason Timberlake and their dreaded “wardrobe malfunction” damage the psyche of 4 year olds around the nation and interrupting their view of a full hour of personal bodily violence. Luckily, the breast incident occurred during halftime and was preceded by 30 minutes of almost non-stop violence and would be followed by another 30 minutes of REAL bodily harm. Hopefully most of the 4 year olds were pre-occupied during halftime with punching, tackling and hitting each other to really notice.

Ok, that mini-rant has run its course, now back to our topic.

Btw, a quick funny before we become serious again….don’t you love the “Probe touches Steelers doctor headline” – I can’t even make this stuff up 😀

My synopsis is that the Steelers conducted an immediate “internal investigation” after they learned about Dr. Dick and his little $200K Visa bill and learned that Joey Porter was amongst Dr. HGH’s top clients (I believe that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tipped off the Rooneys that they were about to run this story)…In the words of every football fan out there who has accused Barry Bonds of using performance enhancers, “Just look at him, you can tell”…well guess what, footballies, I would recommend that you take a better “look” at the Joey Porter’s of the NFL and tell me how “natural” you think those folks are! :p