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Out at the plate: Pirates dump outspoken pierogi

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

In lieu of ‘looking the other way’ or taking the ‘higher road’ this hapless excuse for a major league franchise finds itself firing a faceless staffer for STATEMENTS OF PUBLIC FACT…it is one thing to subtract an important employee for spreading falsehoods about your business, it is quite another to remove ‘the equivalent of a masked grocery bagger’ for stating the obvious view (one in which is completely uncontested outside of the inner evil circle that makes up this mortifying upper management clan). It is not just that the Pirates have been a complete embarrassment to this city for the better half of two decades, all won-loss records aside, it is this despicable ‘big brother’ routine which casts light on previous urban myths that the bucs are using paid staffers to shed a positive light on blogs, message boards, et al-This adds more validity to what should be a ridiculous argument. Front page news!!!

While attorney general Corbett has not yet launched an investigation into this absolute willful abuse of public funding, somebody surely should. Veon received 6-14 years in prison for his ‘questionable use of public funds & personnel’ – his number was NOWHERE NEAR the estimated $228M that McClatchy/Nutting embezzled from this city. I, personally, have seen enough! As a diehard fan, it pains me to say this, however, I want ARAD to EVICT this team! Enough is Enough – the despicable nature in which this business operates in EVERY FACET is beyond deplorable & really should warrant criminal charges. While the firing of the robot (manager) & Opie (NH) will deceitfully placate the masses, I will personally host a party to celebrate the Nothings (Nuttings) placing this once proud franchise for sale & leaving town permanently (I don’t even want you people involved with 7 Springs anymore; shame on the Duprees for selling to you) – LEAVE PENNSYLVANIA NOW & don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! (While a wallet may protect most male species, you being the cheap slimy bastard that many know you as, your wallet will not protect you) :p