Police: Pittsburgh man mailed kitten head to ex-girlfriend

[PITTSBURGH – A man accused of mailing the severed head of a kitten to his ex-girlfriend was ordered to stand trial on stalking and animal-cruelty charges.]


[Benjamin Gregory, 30, of Pittsburgh, allegedly sent the gift-wrapped package in January because he was unhappy that the relationship had ended, police said. His ex-girlfriend is an attorney who volunteers at animal shelters.]

Buy a Playstation, dude, and get a hobby. My only hope is that the kitten was already dead before this sick pervo decapitated this kitty.

[The woman had filed for a protection-from-abuse order against Gregory. He was jailed, but she said he kept calling her until she asked jail officials to block his calls. When he was released in December, she said, he started calling again.

On Jan. 28, the woman received the kitten head along with a note that read, “I love u, your Ben,” she testified at a preliminary hearing Thursday.]

Wonder if this is one of those ‘eHarmony’ relationships that you see on TV 24/7? Guess this one didn’t make the final cut.

[Gregory’s attorney, Phil Melograne, contends the woman has been harassing Gregory, and suggested she orchestrated the kitten head incident herself.]

Atty Phil must definitely be a Rightieublican…these spin tactics would make Karl Rove jealous.

[A district judge rejected that argument and ordered Gregory back to jail to await trial. The judge reduced an animal cruelty charge to a lesser summary offense because medical evidence showed the kitten was dead before its head was cut off.]

Ah, yes, the kitty was thankfully already dead. Seriously though, isn’t this the kind of behavior exhibited by sociopaths early on?  This fella is destined for the Ted Dahmer School of serial killers. Euthanasia anyone?

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