Eat’n Park restaurants to go smoke-free

Three cheers for Eat’n Park!!! They are the first major restaurant chain in the Pittsburgh metro to declare war on the uncaring, self-centered, hypocritical narcissists and their pollutive BEHAVIOR! Yea, thats right, smokers, I mean YOU (pl. yinze) and before you come whining in here with your “what about smokers’ rights BS”, I am here to tell you that you HAVE NO RIGHTS!! It amazes me how people will pull together for the oddest things. Smokers feel like they are being attacked and it’s about time. You are NOT a minority. It’s not like you were born a smoker, you made a choice to become a ‘smoker’ and now, the great era of non-smokers rights is upon us and we will cast you carcinogens into the River Styx where you belong. You may be surprised to know that every smoker is granted a free pass into the fiery pit when they finally succumbed to whatever form of cancer they are afflicted with. The reason for this is quite simple, smokers violate several of the ‘deadly sins’ as well as a couple of ‘commandments’.

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  1. Cheechat says:

    Where did you go? Last post was a year ago? I hope you’re all right, sir.

  2. Cheechat says:

    Testing testing – is everything all right? No posts for over a year?

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