GOP renews push for limits on money awards by juries

Could someone please tell me why rightieublicans are CONSTANTLY trying to play both sides of the field? They want less government and more capitolistic greed, however, that does not include attorneys and the poor. If only attorneys issued public stock, only than would they be brought closer to the gluttony that these folks (rightieublicans) seem to share. Let’s analyze:

[House Republicans are renewing their effort to end what they see as excessive jury awards.

Led by state Rep. Mike Turzai, R-Bradford Woods, more than 40 members are behind the package, which includes bills to limit punitive damages, cap attorney fees and ensure that damages are assessed to defendants based on the extent of their responsibility, not their wealth.]

Could you imagine if the monsterous companies in the USA had maximum amounts set on lawsuits against them? Hmmm let me think..I think they would simply BUDGET a yearly amount of damage AND they would care less about the health and well being of the american people. Look at Fisher-Price/Mattel and the terrorist actions they have launched against our children. I remember a time where most ‘in the know’ attributed the staggering amount of autism and related disorders on vaccinations – now, it is becoming abundantly clear that the poisoned lead toys probably had more to do with this than any vaccination or it was part of an overall cumulative effect. It just makes me sick that it now is impossible to simply go to the store and buy a toy for my young one – now, I almost ALWAYS buy online and I NEVER buy american – if AMERICAN companies aren’t going to give a crapola about children – why should i give money or a crap about them?

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