Rooney: Steelers prepared to discipline Roethlisberger

TWICE in 8 months??!! if this had been ‘joe schmoe from cocomo’, he would currently be serving about 20 years in a federal penitentiary. Date Rape is just that, purposely intoxicating someone in order to take advantage of that person. Vick served 2 years in prison for simply fighting some dogs (even though that was very loathsome behaviour, it didn’t even involved human beings). Ben Rapistburgher© has become the ‘Teflon Dong©’ of the sports community-shame on him & shame on any of you for still supporting this sexual predator-I can tell you this, one of these days, TD is going to rape the wrong daughter of a father who might be a little off centered himself & we all know how those stories end. “Growing Up” is not enough, 28 is plenty grown-up by society standards-the only thing that saved him this time was that the girl was afraid to prosecute-If the Steelers truly cared about their image, they would simply release Rapistburgher© – that would go a long way towards repairing their image. I have a feeling this isn’t going to be the last thing you hear about Ben Rapistburgher© & his questionable sexual practices. For shame 🙁

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