Steelers release Joey Porter – Probe touches Steelers doctor

March 1st, 2007

In the “things that make you go hmmm” category – Anybody else think that there may be some connection as to why Joey Porter was cut and Dr. Hgh (aka Dr. Richard Rydze or “Dick Rides” as those who are intimately close with the good doctor knows him by :p)

Anyways, as a fervent baseball fan and one who is grossly sickened by the media/congress’/hypocritical football fans portrayal of baseball as the “evil roid empire”-it simply amazes me that a football fan would even have the gall to open their mouth when it comes to performance enhancing drugs and sports. Football has ALWAYS resided on the “cutting edge” of the world of performance enhancing drugs and more so the “avoidance” issue. Where do you think MLB players learned about steroids and human growth hormone? Who do you think trained baseball players on the methods of avoiding being caught? Ring..ring…and the answer is……FOOTBALL PLAYERS. That’s right….the same sport where a natural thing like a woman’s breast (Janet Jackson) caused absolute furor in football doting parents nationwide with exclamations of their (4 year old sons and daughters bearing witness to Janet’s naked boob – even though most 4 year olds are probably less removed from such a view as many adults that I know 😉 ). How dare Janet Jackson and Jason Timberlake and their dreaded “wardrobe malfunction” damage the psyche of 4 year olds around the nation and interrupting their view of a full hour of personal bodily violence. Luckily, the breast incident occurred during halftime and was preceded by 30 minutes of almost non-stop violence and would be followed by another 30 minutes of REAL bodily harm. Hopefully most of the 4 year olds were pre-occupied during halftime with punching, tackling and hitting each other to really notice.

Ok, that mini-rant has run its course, now back to our topic.

Btw, a quick funny before we become serious again….don’t you love the “Probe touches Steelers doctor headline” – I can’t even make this stuff up 😀

My synopsis is that the Steelers conducted an immediate “internal investigation” after they learned about Dr. Dick and his little $200K Visa bill and learned that Joey Porter was amongst Dr. HGH’s top clients (I believe that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tipped off the Rooneys that they were about to run this story)…In the words of every football fan out there who has accused Barry Bonds of using performance enhancers, “Just look at him, you can tell”…well guess what, footballies, I would recommend that you take a better “look” at the Joey Porter’s of the NFL and tell me how “natural” you think those folks are! :p

Father held for trial in death of toddler

February 23rd, 2007

At a preliminary hearing today, Allegheny County homicide detective Robert Opferman testified that Mr. Page confessed that he became mad at Nyia because she kept taking off her diaper. Although Mr. Page initially said he backhanded her, Det. Opferman said Mr. Page confessed that he kicked her between the legs, then put his hand there to try to stop the bleeding.

He then took her outside, still crying, intending to put her in a sewer, the detective said. But he instead opted to abandon her in a playground. She was wearing a sweater and was wrapped in a blanket.

Her body was later found a short distance from the blanket.

District Judge Scott Schricker ordered Mr. Page to trial on charges of homicide, kidnapping, aggravated indecent assault, aggravated assault and false reports to police.

The indecent assault count is new.

Mr. Page has pleaded not guilty.>

TBH, I can barely compose myself enough to write about this subject without going off on a vulgarity-laden tirade. My only hope is that my blog is read by convicts currently serving in the Allegheny County Jail and Western Penitentiary and that they welcome “Mrs.” Page (William Lorenzo Page) in a way that would befit a homicidal pedophile. Before I continue with my thoughts, I must remind my readers that this is simply a rant and opinion and I will not be held accountable for the actions of others. Some people dream about winning the lottery, others dream about their favorite team winning a national championship, my dream is that “Mrs.” Page is made to bleed like 23 month old Nyia was by his hand (or foot as he claims). I hope that his anal cavity is abused soo severely that he becomes crippled from the anus down so that he is forced to wear adult diapers. Finally, I pray that he is not given the death penalty – instead, I want him to serve a life sentence in the general population (not in any sort of protective custody) and I wish that “Mrs.” Page is abused soo severely that he begs for death every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year and that he lives to be 100. Seriously, though, people who know me know that I am a forgiving person except when a death is involved and when it involves a child, forgetaboutit. This creature is absolutely deplorable – IT is not human and IT deserves no respect, no humanity, and no dignity.

btw, here is a key for those who may have not been able to follow…

Mr. Page = “Mrs.” Page = IT

Human Excrement Piece of Crap

Health Department issues peanut butter warning

February 15th, 2007

If you haven’t already heard this news, you better take a look at the peanut butter residing in your pantries/cupboards and in some cases, refrigerators. Peter Pan and Great Value (generic) are the brands currently affected by this nationwide recall. Take a look at the number sequence on the top of the lid of your peanut butter and if the number sequence begins with “2111”, you may have unluckily been exposed to Salmoenella. Funny thing is, I see these types of recalls all of the time and pay little attention to them – this one, however caught my interest due to the proximity of where much of the outbreaks are occurring (NorthEast (NY)) and sure enough, I actually have one of the contaminated batches :O – I purchased mine at a Giant Eagle a while back and actually did suffer a bout of what I thought was a stomach flu (half of my jar is actually empty). Anyways folks, this is local…this is here, this is not somewhere else. Which brings me to my next thought about all of this…did you know that the CDC (which was originally investigating this outbreak) believes that the first illness attributed to this bad batch of peanut butter occurred back in August of last year?! Since than, another 300+ (that they know about) people have been infected with Salmoenella. Over 20 percent of those people required hospitalization to treat their illness. ConAgra Foods (the company responsible for this) said in the aftermath of a salmonella outbreak, that consumers should throw away all Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter jars produced by ConAgra that have that product code. I have a better idear, bag that can in a ziploc bag and call a lawyer! Believe me, anybody that knows me would find that quote shocking that it actually came from my lips. I hate frivilous lawsuits and the likes, but, in this grand country of ours where corporations can even commit murder, the pocketbook is the only method that is out there to punish these entities. Notice how ConAgra already has their “spokespeople spinners” busy at work…I seriously have to wonder the following:

1. Why did our government (CDC & FDA) allow at least another 300+ people to get very sick since August 2006?

2. Why did ConAgra Foods Inc. allow at least another 300+ people to get very sick since August 2006??

Heads should roll for this travesty and this process that ended in ConAgra finally issuing a recall after over 6 months should be thoroughly scrutinized! I have a simple solution to this that would make the USA a much safer place – hold people accountable – PERIOD! If someone dies due to this illness, charge the CEO of ConAgra with second degree murder – if he knew about this outbreak and deliberately waited 6 months before being forced to issue a recall by the FDA, than he should be charged with CAPITAL MURDER (due to premeditated circumstances)…seriously though, I am sick of corporations being able to not only take huge tax advantages over the common man, in addition, being immune from prosecution even if their decisions result in someone’s death – that is simply wrong!

I would ask my readers to stop purchasing the following products: Banquet, Chef Boyardee, Egg Beaters, Healthy Choice, Hebrew National, Hunt’s, Marie Callender’s, Orville Redenbacher’s, and PAM and to contact their legislators and ask them what punishment is going to be levied upon ConAgra foods and their decision makers – guess what the answer will be – NOTHING…I’m not sure if you knew this or not, I am actually a bit clairvoyant…watch this and be amazed…I predict that a class action lawsuit will be brought against ConAgra foods for this debacle and ConAgra will end up “settling” the case out of court….ConAgra Spinsters will state that they did this so that “no further harm would come to the families involved”; yet, the “terms of the settlement” will include the following: “ConAgra foods admits no wrongdoing”….I am an amazing psychic, aren’t I?

U.S. Mint launches first presidential $1 coin

February 15th, 2007

Usually I launch into some long drawn out tirade about things like this, but, my only thought about this particular snippet is if they truly do intend to replace the George Washington $1 Bill with a coin counterpart, what will happen to the world of exotic dancers? Will cheap men around the USA be forced to adopt the Lincoln $5 bill as their new tip? Will this mean shorter time spent away from their wives and girlfriends? I have been told that fifty singles can keep a fella busy for at least an hour or so at one of these gentlemen clubs, 10 5’s however, will get you in and out of there in a hurry :p. How will this affect strippers themselves? Will exotic dancers be forced to adopt coin-bank stockings into their very skimpy attires? The conspiratist in me seems to think that this is some sort of Republican backed right wing agenda to quitely stymy a large public area of the pornography business. Please feel free to share your thoughts about this with me.

Convict says Washington DA ordered jail beating

October 19th, 2006

This “tough-guy” who murdered Ira Swearingen in cold blood is whining about the guards being a little rough with him – who the fart cares about this loser low-life??!! I remember that murder and this COWARD took the easy way out with the DA to secure a life sentence as opposed to the death penalty – some tough guy, my only hopes is that either someone in Martos’ cell block or one of the guards finish the job or at least he has several conjugate visits with the “Bubba” on the block – that would be the only justice here! I spit on Martos’ and his family *two spits on their graves* him and Greg Modery and his family *two spits on their graves*. Seriously, if there exists a reason for genocide, it should be aimed at idiots like these clowns….we should round up every criminal whose IQ is lower than 40 and “remove” them pernamently…the problem in this country is not drugs or guns it is the inbred morons and their “kin” – did these morons really think that they could get away with this??! That’s the one thing these degenerates all have in common, they are morons, they have IQs less than 40 and maybe that should be a new factor in whether jokers like this are put to death…if you are a criminal degenerate who has a low IQ, you should be sentenced to death no matter the crime; that would be one way that america could finally start competing with other countries for intellectual dominance; although Bushie could be in trouble using this criteria :p

The Narrative War:Bush acknowledges Iraq-Vietnam similarities

October 19th, 2006

What is simply flabbergasting to me is the dehumanization process that many americans easily place upon the iraqi and muslim people in general. With comments like, “the propensity of iraq people to kill each other” is quite simply laughable. Iraq is a “country”, not too much unlike our own – only difference is WE destabilized it. Another surprise for you, Americans are far far more violent than iraqis. Two things i would like to point out:

1. When you hear of death squads and the 70 people or so killed per day in Iraq – THAT IS IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY….Americans need to wake up and smell the coffee…there should be news reports about how many killings occur in the US (as a whole) every day. Or how many violent crimes occur in the USA EVERY DAY – now, that would be shocking and What is our excuse? Imagine if another regime overthrew our government – 70 killings would occur by the minute here (if it already isn’t – and yes i know 70 killings are not occuring per minute in our country, but 70 killings per day is DEFINITELY occcurring in our country)

2. As stated in #1, WE destabilized that country and WE are now dealing with the consequences….first it was “let’s get saddam because he may have been involved in 9/11 in some way” – THAT was not true – than it was “well saddam may have weapons of mass destruction” – THAT was not true – and finally it was “well saddam is a bad guy” – THAT WAS TRUE, but WHO CARES??? This world is FULL of bad guys and the US itself is FULL of bad guys – oh, you say, but saddam committed genocide of his own people during a CIVIL WAR – do you think saddam was the only one committing genocide? How about in Africa where it is estimated that near 10 MILLION people were exterminated and are still being actively exterminated daily – secondly, if the US today was thrown into a civil war, do you not think there would be massive casualties – do you not think that a weapon of mass destruction might be deployed??

I, personally, have grown tired of the conservatives and their “better than thou” antics, yet they are completely controlled by lobbyism – oh, yea, and did i mention, they seem to be routinely breaking the law and covering it up daily??! Btw, did i mention, I do not ADMIRE or RESPECT anyone that will never change their mind even if they may know that they are wrong! Also, I am tired of the wussy liberals and their antics! They are the same lobbying-lovin group as the GOP – but they are the better of the two evils at this point! Even though on paper, we appear to be the strongest bullies on the planet, we are actually the most scared. We are losing our RIGHTS (as a people) , yet we are allowing fear mongers to push the envelope almost daily!

Btw, I know hindsight may be 20-20, but wasn’t bushie made aware of the whole Korea issue BEFORE we went headstrong into Iraq??? Funny how while we were running amuck in Iraq trying to find “weapons of mass destruction” to lend credence to the war itself, the Koreans were actually BUILDING the ultimate weapon of mass destruction! WTG, Bushie!! Let’s see Rove SPIN this one, because that is all that most politicians are about anymore – SPIN

The United States of America is the greatest country on the Planet, it is about time we start ACTING like it!

Mayor Bob O’Connor dies at 61 :'(

September 1st, 2006

I did not know him personally; but I really admired this guy. He was a good person, not a politician and he really sincerely cared for the people of Pittsburgh. O’Connor was a man that other politicians should aspire to – no matter the party affiliation. Well I am sure that plenty of far more important people will come out with statements about him – I just wanted to put my two cents in and invite anyone out there to post comments to this thread with prayers for him and his friends/family and feel free to share a personal story about the Mayor with all of us. May god’s blessings and wishes be bestowed upon his family :'(

A very sad day indeed….

The Pirates, PNC Park, and the All-Star Game

July 13th, 2006

Well I must admit that I was one of the 100K+ people that attended the “Fan Fest” and I will say that it was definitely a nice time for the kids, but for the adults, it may as well have been truthfully advertised as a “health fair” or “trade show” – when I wasn’t being pitched with credit card applications and offers to try out “xm satellite radio” and buying a chevy (which I explained to the young gent attempting to sell me a cobalt-that I didn’t bring that kind of money with me :p), I was being scared to death about the dangers of DVT (Deep Venuous Thrombosis) – it was more geared towards the kids and for them, it was fantastic….

(sidenote) The folks that hired trade show representatives for MasterCard SpeedPass and Comcast – YOUR REPRESENTATIVES were truly AWFUL – the SpeedPass ladies were more interested in painting their fingernails than they were at engaging any potential customers – BTW, DO NOT EVER EVER USE SPEEDPASS IF YOU VALUE YOUR IDENTITY AND INFORMATION, as IT security folks, we could easily demonstrate how easily your SPEEDPASS information can be hijacked without you even knowing..all for under $200 at a local radio shak. I actually approached a Comcast representative to let them know that I am currently trying out the Verizon FIOS network and that I am considering dropping my Comcast Broadband alltogether and asked her for a reason why I should keep my Comcast account – she had NO response – TBH, I am not even sure she knew what FIOS was – FYI, nothing wrong with hiring a pretty face to do a trade show for your company, but at least attempt to train them on the basics of sales.

I was truly impressed and awe-struck by Pittsburgh’s showing in this truly magical event that is the all-star game and festivities. The homerun derby was quite a show and I was thoroughly surprised by that David Wright from the “Fets” (true pirate fans will remember this reference) and was simply left speechless as I watched over a dozen balls hit the river from Ryan Howard and Big Papi and when Howard hit the 500 free flights sign – (dick vitale quote) “Are you kidding me?!” All told, Century 21 donated over $550,000 ($300K to baseball charities + $250K towards the purchase of a home) and MasterCard (yes, the same SpeedPass folks) donated nearly $500,000 in the estimated value of those free flights – whoever those folks were that won those flights, please contact me on this blog 😉 If only that kid that hit the balls at the beginning of the AS game could have hit one of those tarps out in the outfield for a cool $1M from Taco Bell – I wonder if he had to hit them on a fly or could he have hit it on the ground, if so, i would have hit very hard grounders out there.

While many of you out there were surprised by the outcome of the All-Star Game, I was not…not because the dreaded American League had like a 10 game winning streak going into last nights game, nope, for me the game was decided the minute that Phil Garner chose Jim Tracy to be on his Coaching staff – that’ll learn him :p

Seriously though, you almost have to smile between the tears of being a Pirate fan, the National League lost another 1 run decision – how appropriate :p

Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O’Connor talking more, walking in UPMC Shadyside hospital

July 13th, 2006

While I may not always agree with some of his decision making, I do truly respect and admire Bob O’Connor……he is a man of honesty and integrity and this city needs more of his type…I really hope and pray that he is able to beat this insidious disease and those out there that know the man personally, know that even if that disease had a 99.9% mortality rate, Bob would be in that .1% that would persevere – our prayers are with him and his family 🙂

Pittsburgh Port Authority approves twin subway “T” tunnels under Allegheny river

July 13th, 2006

Many of you out there that read my posts probably think that I am just a negative nilly, well, stand back, I am about to actually say something positive….I think this is a good idear! THIS is an improvement to the city’s infrastructure – I personally love the “T” and only wish that it continues to be expanded into the east (Oakland – boy would those slum lords have a tizzy about that…no more $850+/month rentals :p) and maybe expand it out to the west a bit as well…someday maybe even hitting the airport. This type of expansion would bring even more people to the region – far more than casinos ever would.